Scroll Text

A scroll text is a text that rolls by on your screen. Great for news, subliminal messages, and other texts you wouldn’t want to stand still.

You can decide where you want to place your scroll bar in the video, what the text’s color, font, size, and more is going to be and for how long the text will appear on the screen.

The duration, direction, and speed are all customizable.

Scroll texts are useful to give additional information to a specific part of the video but can also be used as a news ticker throughout the video. Your text will be repeated as soon as it has rolled by completely and will only stop at the end time of the interaction. You can also add a hyperlink to the scroll text for additional information or to link to news articles, for example.

Of course, the basic HiHaHo features apply to this interaction, being the layout features and the possibility to add a jump or hyperlink for when the viewer clicks on it.

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