If you ever felt like your video was missing a kaboom, splash, or ding-dong, you can now add them yourself!

With the sound interaction, it is now possible to add small sound files to your video. Upload an MP3 with a maximum size of 1MB and get started!

Add sound effects to enrich your video even further. A splash for whenever you see a droplet fall, an extra boom for crashes, a snap for crackling, there are so many options! You could even add a censorship beep for words you consider inappropriate for your video.

30 days free. No credit card required.


The Zoom In interactions allows you to focus on one part of the video by, well, zooming in on it. Rather than highlighting the area, you can just exclude every bit of non-important imagery.

This can be extremely handy when you’re giving instructions with a screen capture. Rather than having to zoom in and out in editing, you can just add a zoom whenever it’s needed. This allows you to more clearly keep track of mouse movement on a big screen.