Here you will find some additional information on the possibilities with your settings.

General Settings

Under the General settings within a HiHaHo video, you can alter the title, language of your video, and description of your video. You can also add video tags, which makes your video easier to find for search engines.

Here, you can also choose how you want to publish your video. Your options are:

  • Offline: only visible to the author.
  • Public: visible and can be found with search engines.
  • Unlisted: visible but cannot be found with search engines.
  • Embed only: the video can only be watched on a specific webpage.
  • Allowed viewers only: determine who is allowed to watch your video, based on a whitelist of allowed viewers.

The URL of the published video will always stay the same, regardless of the changes you make.


Advanced Settings

Under the Advanced tab, you can alter the time of when your video starts and ends. You can also indicate whether the viewer can search through the video, whether the video shows random feedback titles in the feedback screens for your questions, and what happens at the end of the video, either nothing or the viewer’s score.

At last, you can also increase your searchability in search engines by formulating a transcription and taxonomy.

Under the Optional variables tab, you can formulate several optional variables your viewers have to fill out before they can watch the video, e.g. email address, employee number, or zip code. You can add as many optional variables as you like.

Here, you can also enter ‘allowed viewers’, creating an excel sheet in which you formulate who is able to watch your video.


In the settings of a video, you can choose between two main methods of reporting. To do so, go to the tab Reporting under Settings. On the left, you find the two options:

xAPI: send your viewers’ results to your own LRS using xAPI.

SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004: export your interactive video as a SCORM package and insert in your own LMS.

For more information on the use of xAPI and SCORM, please visit our more elaborate explanation about using HiHaHo for online learning.

On the right side of the page, you can set a success percentage to determine whether a viewer passed or not. The default is set to 80 percent.


When you open the Statistics of a video, you get an overview of the results of your viewers. Here you can see how many have finished and, when you have inserted questions, whether they passed the video. You can also see how many people have seen the video, which answers have been given and even on what kind of device or operating system your video has been watched.

You can download all the data in a CSV-formatted or XLSX-formatted file, the latter being the Microsoft Excel file format.

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