Stichting AAP launches interactive video tour

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21 January, 2021

COVID-19 has affected everyone in different ways. Working remotely, not being able to socialize… but what about the impact on animal welfare organizations?

Interactive video tour

Stichting AAP, a Dutch organization fighting for the wellbeing of apes and other exotic animals, found it to be challenging this past year. Giving people guided tours and showing their work is very important for them to increase awareness about the organization and their meaningful work. Due to the corona restrictions, this was no longer possible. So they had to get creative. That’s why they created an interactive video tour! Awesome, right? Check it out here (the tour is in Dutch):

Kloekhorststraat 29
9401 BB Assen, The Netherlands

Secondary office
Galileïlaan 31
6716 BP Ede, The Netherlands

t. +31(0)592 377 285