Partner Programs

HiHaHo is a start-up based in the Netherlands. Our software is currently available in English, Dutch, and German and is used globally. The HiHaHo Player is even available in more languages! We work with partners in order to promote and sell our product. We are open to new partnerships.


Are you a developer of elearning programs for your customers and do you want to use HiHaHo’s interactive videos? Apply to become a HiHaHo reseller and get (recurring) commission which can add up to 50% of the monthly sum. It is also possible to offer HiHaHo’s whitelabel.

Implementation of HiHaHo interactive videos into elearning programs for customers.

Training suppliers, elearning content providers, elearning consultants, elearning software

Resellers advise, sell and implement HiHaHo in their own networks.

Commission depending on the activities with a maximum of 50% (recurring).

Affiliate partners

Are you managing a website and would you like to earn more by finding new customers for HiHaHo? Apply to become an affiliate partner and receive up to 40% of the revenues as compensation. Applying is easy!

Promotion of HiHaHo via affiliate’s website.

Bloggers (writing about elearning, edutech, SaaS), news websites, publishers

Affiliates test HiHaHo, write reviews, and share their experiences on their websites. The hyperlink to HiHaHo is an affiliate link through which traffic to the HiHaHo website are tracked.

40% of the revenues in the first year or 20% recurring (cookie remains activated for 180 days).

Step 1

Send an e-mail to and provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • E-mail address and phone number
  • URL of website(s) on which you want to publish the links.

Step 2

After approving your application, your website will be added to our affiliate program and you will be send a coded link. From that moment onwards, you will receive commission on the sales via your website.

Guest writers

We are always looking for new ways to share knowledge about elearning and interactive video. In addition to sharing our own expertise and insights, we also make our platform available for teachers, learning consultants, and bloggers.

That’s why we are looking for professionals who want to try out our software in their own learning environment and share their experiences by means of a blog article.

Developing of informative articles for in which readers learn how to apply interactive video in their own contexts.

Teachers, learning consultants, bloggers

We share articles to inspire readers to use video in their own educational contexts. We try to get in touch with professionals who want to apply HiHaHo to their own learning environments and share their experiences on HiHaHo has developed a template for writing these articles.

Compensation will be discussed. Contact us to qualify for the role of guest writer.


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