Meet The Partners & Friends of HiHaHo

Guidiance helps people to easily share knowledge; the platform is currently used by coaches, teachers and companies.

Most learning is done on-the-job, but companies struggle to properly save learnings and best practices. Learnings such as best practices, instructions, case studies and onboarding material get lost in e-mails, intranet or documents, making people re-inventing the wheel. On the Guidiance platform, you can easily create learnings (best practices, courses, instructions, case studies etc.), making them easy to find and to interact on. Guidiance even take a step further as we are able to integrate learnings inside your core software products, such as SalesForce, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Slack and Workplace by Facebook.

The quality of learnings is very important to Guidiance, as are the tools to create these learnings. We’re happy to launch a collaboration with HiHaHo, so our users are also able to add interactive videos to their learnings, in addition to text, regular video, images, quizzes, etc. HiHaHo offers in-video quizzes and exams, text, hotspots, and way more without having to actually edit the footage itself. By integrating HiHaHo, we deliver an even better learning experience and create more impact for our users.

Visit Guidiance’s website for more information.

Icademy is a Dutch online educator that specializes in elearning. They offer over 250 elearnings with topics ranging from Dutch grammar, to how to deal with cheese, all the way to how to fire someone appropriately. After completing a course, you will have to complete the final exam and you will receive an official certificate.

Icademy is a sister company to HiHaHo. HiHaHo and Icademy are inseparable as HiHaHo started out as an extension to Icademy. In the meantime, HiHaHo has expanded and become a company in its own right, yet still sharing an office and personnel with its sister company. Together, they have worked on numerous blended and triple blend learning projects. Icademy takes care of the traditional elearnings while HiHaHo has taken a more experimental approach to online learning by creating a tool for interactive video.

Visit Icademy’s website for more information.

Kenniscentrum Noodverlichting (Competence Center Emergency Lighting) was founded by emergency lighting manufacturer Famostar. Kenniscentrum Noodverlichting is an initiative aimed at increasing awareness about safety measures in buildings. They offer courses to people currently in the field of emergency lighting about a wide arrange of topics, ranging from the current legislation to ways to safely clear buildings.

Kenniscentrum Noodverlichting and HiHaHo teamed up to create an interactive movie, not video, to inspire people to become an emergency lighting inspector. They were both up for the challenge, and they set out to create this half-hour movie. The movie follows inspector Steven Winters while he’s out to inspect a large building that’s being used as a community building for arts. The movie was a success. And it was soon followed by several short videos featuring Steven Winters again. These videos deal with problems he’s come across in his daily life and on the job and how he has solved them. Kenniscentrum Noodverlichting shares these with their following to inform them about common problems and creative solutions.

For more information, visit Kenniscentrum Noodverlichting’s website.

OVD is a Dutch company consisting of both an educational institution and educational publisher. As a publisher, they provide materials for several levels of secondary education, and, as an educational institution, they help retailers train their personnel by providing courses to improve their competence. Over the past years, they have also expanded their courses to include other industries, in addition to retail.

OVD and HiHaHo/Icademy have worked together for many fruitful years already. Together, they have been working on the Triple Blend Learning concept, a mix between traditional and online learning. As an expert on retailer courses, OVD provides the classroom training, Icademy takes care of the online courses, and HiHaHo provides the interactive videos. Together, they aim to teach the information and then to cement the newly-acquired knowledge. and cement new information. The combination between traditional and online learning has proven itself to be immensely effective.

For more information, visit OVD’s website.