Learn how to implement interactive video for effective learning


Top 5 Interactive Music Videos

We are starting to see changes seeping into the world of entertainment. More artists will take even bigger steps with interactive videos to keep their audiences engaged. We’ve put together a Top 5 Interactive Music Videos for you.

Driving Exam Practice with Interactive Videos

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to practice for both the driving exam and the theory test; however, interactive videos offer a new and applied approach to practicing for these exams.

Using Interactive Videos As A Questionnaire

If you want to know people’s opinions about certain topics, you can create all sorts of questionnaires. Interactive video provides the solution to tackling most difficulties.

A New Approach To Honing Listening Skills

Learning a language can be tricky, let alone teaching it. There are websites that can help teach it, but now there is a revolutionary approach that has come to the rescue: interactive videos.

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