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Action types

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With most interactions you can choose to add an action type to the interaction. That way, you can make a text box, image or Pause Screen clickable. We will explain how you can use these action types.

The first action type allows you to jump to a specific time in the video. Just fill in the desired time for your video to continue. It’s that easy!

You can also jump to the start of the video when you want the viewer to watch the video again. Or you can jump to the end of the video so that the last part will be skipped.

It is also possible to jump to another interaction, such as a Question or Pause Screen. This will save you some time because you don’t have to find the exact time of that specific interaction. The video will continue with the interaction you select.

Finally, you can add a hyperlink to the interaction. The hyperlink can link to a website or to other online content. If the viewer clicks on the hyperlink, the website will open in another tab. This avoids confusion for you in the statistics and for the viewer when he/she wants to continue watching the video.

Difference action types and ‘jump to’ interaction 

With the Jump To interaction, you can also choose between the same action types (with the exception of the hyperlink). The difference is that the Jump To interaction jumps automatically and invisible. The action types of other interactions are not automatically and only happen when the viewer clicks on the interaction.


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