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Embed HiHaHo in your EasyGenerator course

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Would you like to embed your HiHaHo video in your EasyGenerator course? This is certainly possible. You can watch the instruction below or read the steps we’ve written down for you.

1. Open your video in HiHaHo and go to ‘Video settings’.
2. Click on the button ‘Show embed code’.
3. Copy the embed code.
4. Go to your EasyGenerator course.
5. Add new content to your course and choose ‘Media’.
6. An example video will be added to your course. On the left, there will be a button that says: “Change video”.
7. Paste the embed code and click on ‘Ok’.
8. Now, you’ve added a HiHaHo video to your course. Well done! The learning efficiency of your viewers will increase for sure!

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