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Embed you video in Articulate Rise 360

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Do you create online courses by using Articulate Rise? And have you ever thought about embedding videos into your course? This is how!

Step 1. Use the embed code from your HiHaHo video to add an interactive video to your course. You can find the embed code either below your video in the preview mode, or in the video settings. Select in the drop-down menu a static embed code, since the responsive embed code won’t work.

Step 2. Go to the Block Library in your Rise course.

Step 3. Select Multimedia and click on Embed.

Step 4. Go to the edit mode of the embed video and replace the example url with the embed code from HiHaHo.

Adding the url of your HiHaHo video instead of the embed code will work as well. If you choose this option, however, viewers first need to click on the video to open a pop-up. This is why we recommend copying the embed code instead of the url.

Don’t forget to keep track of the statistics in HiHaHo!


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