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A great way to make your video interactive is by adding questions to the video.

Question types

We offer four types of questions:

  • Multiple Choice: Only one answer is correct.
  • Multiple Response: Multiple answers are correct.
  • Entry question: For example, create a “fill in the blank” question.
  • Open question: For example, ask for one’s opinion.

Note: when using the Entry question, make sure to take all the possible ways of spelling and punctuation into account for the correct answer. For example, if you would ask a question to which the answer would be a number, correct answers might be: 8, 8., eight, Eight, Eight. This question is case-sensitive.


You can select an action type for each answer. For example: when answered incorrectly, you can jump back to show a certain part of the video again.

You can also provide separate feedback for each answer. Click here to read more about the use of feedback.

Note: a question will not be repeated if the viewer rewinds the video or when the video jumps back on the timeline. This is because of the video statistics; if a viewer can answer the question multiple times, the statistics will not be representative.   


Tips and tricks

We have some other tips for you about the Question interaction.

Firstly, it is also possible to add sounds to the question. You can use this option to add a voice-over to your question, for example.

The ‘skip question’ button is only active in the editor. The viewer will not see this button. You can try this for yourself by pressing the ‘Preview’ button.

You might also want to ask the viewer multiple questions in a row. When you time different questions at exactly the same time, they will be shown directly after each other.

Finally, you can add a ‘back’ button when going to the advanced settings. This might be useful if you want to give the viewer the opportunity to rewatch a fragment before answering the question. You can also replace the word ‘back’ by any other word, for instance ‘Chapter 1’. This can be enabled both for the question screen as for the feedback screen, depending on your preference.

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