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Export SCORM

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You can export your interactive video as a SCORM-package (1.2 or 2004).

With the use of SCORM, you can follow your users’ progress in your LMS (Learning Management System). SCORM is not available for all users/subscriptions. Please contact us for more information.

Importing SCORM into your LMS

Go to your Video settings to export your SCORM package. The export from HiHaHo gives a .ZIP package, which can be uploaded into you LMS. This package requires an open internet connection to

Read here how you can import SCORM packages to aNewSpring and Blackboard.


Besides SCORM, HiHaHo supports xAPI. What’s nice about xAPI is that you can also track the results of learning videos outside your Learning Management System. A typical example of using HiHaHo is sending a link to the interactive video by email. Your viewer can simply click on the link and the results are stored automatically. Click here to read more about xAPI.

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