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When you want to add any kind of text to your video, this is possible with the Text interaction. You can design the font style and layout of the text box. Don’t forget to explore the ‘style’ tab for more styling options.

One thing you can change here, is the ‘top padding’. When you give a higher value to this setting, you will get more space between the text and the top of the text box.

You can also make a text layout that looks like the layout commonly used for subtitling. Make the text white, add a black text stroke, give the text box a transparent background and remove the border.

Make it clickable

This interaction might be interesting when combined with an action type. Open the interaction editor of your Text interaction and select an action type.

This way, you can create buttons like “Click here to visit our website” or “Click here to skip this information”.


Another option is to add a scroll text to your video.

It might be difficult to distinguish the Text interaction from the Pause Screen, click here to find out the difference between the two interactions.

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