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The grid – the orange bar

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Below the video, you will find three little buttons. With the middle button, you can place a grid over your video. This grid can help you to align your interactions. You can choose between a rough and detailed grid. The grid is only visible for editors.

If whoever is watching your video, moves their cursor, the player bar will appear. Do you want to prevent your interactions from disappearing underneath the player bar? You can use the orange guideline when activating the grid. This guideline will show you where the player bar will appear. We recommend placing all of your interactions above this line, so they will be visible at all times. If you want, you can also put the player bar under the video (go to Video settings – Advanced – Select the style of the player bar).

You can also use the grid in order to better design your Text interactions or Pause Screen. Click here to find out more about these options.

Next to the ‘grid’, you can find two other buttons: the ‘filter’ and the ‘interaction layers’.

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