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This guide provides information about xAPI, also known as Tin Can API or experience API. xAPI can be seen as the successor of SCORM.

Using xAPI, you can register so called micro learnings, such as reading a book, attending a conference or watching a HiHaHo video. What’s nice about xAPI is that you can also track the results of learning videos outside your Learning Management System. A typical example of using HiHaHo is sending a link to the interactive video by email. Your viewer can simply click on the link and the results are stored automatically.

How to enable xAPI

Go to the tab ‘Reporting’ on the Video Settings page.

Check the box ‘Enable Tin Can’ and fill in the Tin Can Endpoint, username and password. The end point of a Learning Record Store (LRS) is the link (URL) that handles all LRS requests. Type or copy the URL of your end point in this text field.

Finally, click on the button ‘Save’.

Identifying your users
How does HiHaHo register who has finished viewing the video? When there is no known email address for the current user, he will be prompted to fill out his email address.

What commands does HiHaHo send trough xAPI?
The video will send several commands through xAPI to your LRS. We use the ‘course’ and ‘video’ xAPI recipes. Learn more about xAPI recipes on

I attempted a session for an elearning courseWhen the video plays for the first time, this xAPI command will be sent.course
I answered an elearning course questionWhen an answer is given to a question, a xAPI command will be sent.course
I completed a session for an elearning courseWhen the viewer has viewed the entire video, this xAPI command will be sent.course
I passed an elearning courseWhen the viewer has scored more than the minimum percentage he needs to pass the video, this will be sent. You will find these settings next to the xAPI settings under the 'Reporting' tab.course
I failed an elearning courseWhen the viewer has not met the minimum percentage needed to succeed, this will be sent.course

More information

Visit for more detailed information about xAPI.

A nice introduction to microlearning and xAPI can be found on


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