Interactive video

Interactive video is becoming more popular. If you’re considering creating an interactive video, hihaho is your perfect match. 

But what exactly is interactive video, and how can you create one yourself? We’ll gladly tell you more about this.

What is interactive video?

Interactive video is a video in which the viewer controles the course of the video with the use of interactive elements.

When talking about interactive elements, you can think of a menu feature to let the viewer navigate to a different chapter in your video, or buttons that they can use to change the course of the video.

The interactive video will then respond to the viewer’s actions.

“We want to move with the times and in order to do so, we need a product that is able to move along with us”

Alex Dowdalls,


“Using the hihaho platform made it possible for us to explain rather complicated topics in a very easy way.”

Marc Ettema,


“I found the hihaho software extremely easy to use for our client’s video needs. It has helped us create results in minutes as opposed to hours.”

Peter Ramsay,

Director, The FairPlay Agency LLC

Rob Neeter - directeur Zorganimaties
“We can really do everything ourselves. Crucial for us, since we have already developed over 15,000 videos using hihaho’s interactive technology!”

 Rob Neeter,


By integrating hihaho, we deliver an even better learning experience and create more impact for our users!

Thomas Meijerink,


With interactive hihaho videos we have specifically closed the skills gap of our employees. Hihaho enables us to easily create and update the videos ourselves.

Martijn Bosman,


Why choose interactive video?

Why should you choose interactive video?

The interactive elements in the video enable the viewer to control course of the video, which means that they’ll be able to see exactly what they want to see. And that is precisely what a company should want!

On top of that, you can learn more about your viewers by using interactive elements in which your viewers can show their preferences. And needless to say, this is something that you as a company could benefit from!

That video is an effective marketing tool is pretty obvious by now. These days, a striking video is essential in any content strategy. But when your viewer has the opportunity to interact with the video, two thirds of your viewers will keep watching your video longer. In 32% of the cases, interactive video leads to an increase in retention.

Interactive elements

When you choose to create an interactive video with the hihaho software, you can use the following elements:

Group 3 Group 3

Ask the viewer one or more questions to really let them think about the content of your video. You can also add feedback and award points to the answers, and check out the answers that your viewers give. 

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Jump to
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You can skip specific parts of the video.

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Ask the viewer for their opinion or rating.

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Scroll text
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Let a text scroll by, for example: 'Our new collection is now available in stores!'.

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Use the Hotspot interaction to add blinking buttons to your video. Add a text or instruction to the Hotspot, which the viewer will see when they hover over it with their cursor.

Transparant button
Group 3 Group 3

Create 'invisible' clickable fields anywhere you want in your video. This makes it very easy to make any element within your video (for example, logo's or other images) clickable.

Group 3 Group 3

Zoom in on specific parts of your video. That will make your video more dynamic.

Collect viewer data
Group 3 Group 3

Ask the viewer for specific credentials, such as their name, email address, or place of residence. This will help you gain more information about your viewers.

Group 3 Group 3

Create chapters to add structure to your video. This way, the viewer can navigate to a specific part of your video.

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Pause screen
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Let the video pause to give the viewer the time to check out some extra information, an image, or a specific frame in the video. 

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Group 3 Group 3

Add texts to emphasize something. The text can also be made clickable, so your viewer can navigate to a different scene or website.

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Add images to your video, like a logo or banner. You can also make these images clickable by adding a URL or letting it jump to a different part of the video.

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Add sound effects to your video. Upload them directly from your computer.

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Use the Highlight interaction to emphasize a specific part on screen, making it able to draw the viewers attention to this part.

Linked video
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Connect videos to each other and easily navigate back and forth.

Group 3 Group 3

Add subtitles to your video by uploading an SRT file.

Benefits of interactive video

Here’s an overview of the benefits of interactive video.

Interactive video increases the impact. Consumer engagement will increase, resulting in a better retention of the information in the video.

Interactive video makes it possible to integrate a direct call-to-action, or a link to your product. This will result in an increase in sales.

The information within an interactive video becomes more relevant, because the viewers determine what parts they want to watch. They'll be less likely to leave the video and thus continue watching.

By adding interactive elements to your video, you can offer the viewer extra information. By adding links to your website of downloadable files, for example.

Creating interactive videos

There are some things to keep in mind when creating an interactive video. A logical first step is to determine the interactive structure of the  video. The structure of an interactive video is also referred to as ‘branching’. You basically create a story with different branches. Each branch provides the viewer with a choice, and their choice determines the course of the video. Before creating your interactive video, you should be familiar with the structure of it. This type of interactive video can be very useful for information videos or product sales videos.

Instead of working with an interactive structure, you can also choose to work with interactive layers. These layers are also called ‘overlays’. It is literally a layer that is place on top of the video. By using interactive layers, you can easily generate call-to-actions. Like a screen with additional information, or a contact form where the viewer can leave their contact info, for example.

There are countless other interactive elements that you can use in your video, as shown in the overview above.

Creating interactive videos with hihaho

Want to create your own interactive video? Then hihaho is the right solution for you. With our user-friendly software, you can easily create your own interactive video. Make the information in your video even more interesting and increase the impact! Try hihaho for free as long as you want and create interactive videos, you only start paying once you share your interactive video with others. Click here to get started right away!

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