With hihaho you can add hyperlinks to your video using action typestext buttons, and menu-items.

But did you know that hyperlinks can also help viewers perform actions such as sending an email or Whatsapp message?

This guide provides tips and tricks on how to use these kinds of URLs in your HiHaHo videos.

The basics

You can enter ‘regular’ links in the following formats. These links work for all platforms and devices.

Sending an email

Mailto links can be used to send an email to a provided email address. The user that clicks this link will be prompted to open an email client. A new mail will be automatically filled in with your provided data.

Keep in mind that this only works when the viewers of your video installed an email client like Outlook on Windows or Gmail on Android. Use the following text and change email@xample.com to your own email adress.

You can also provide a subject by appending ?subject=mail_subject to the link.

Adding a product to the shopping cart

It is possible to let a viewer buy products in your video by the touch of a button! This works when you’re using WooCommerce. When you’re the owner of the website, you can find a number/id for every product in your webshop. With that number and ?add-to-cart= you can make the link. Use the following hyperlink and replace www.example.com with your own website and 012345 with the product number (id). When the viewer clicks on this button, he/she will be directed to your website with that product in their shopping cart.

Sending a Whatsapp message

Another option is to let viewers send a Whatsapp message to your phone number.

This trick only works on phones with Whatsapp installed. Use the following text and change phone_number in your own phone number.

Calling a phone number

You can prompt the user to call a phone number.

This will not work on every device, but it will mainly work on mobile devices (phones). Use the text below and change phonenumber in your own phone number.

Opening a Facebook page

Linking to a Facebook profile page is also possible. This only works on mobile devices (iPad/tablets and phones) and requires the Facebook app.

Using a normal link like “http://www.facebook.com/pages/yourpage” would be a better option, because this link works even if facebook is not installed on the clients’ device.

Calling a Skype user

Opening Skype and making a call to an user.

Works on desktop and mobile, but requires Skype to be installed.

Calling a FaceTime user

Prompt the user to make a call via FaceTime.

Only works on iOS devices.