While you’re making an interactive layer for one of your own videos, you may want to change some things to the original video. It would take a lot of time to add all the interactions again to the new version of your video. Fortunately, this is not necessary. There are two options for you, based on whether or not the length of the video has changed.

Upload a video again: the length has remained the same

When the length of the video has remained the same, it is possible in some of the platforms to replace the video (JWPlayerVimeo). So don’t upload a new video, but choose to replace the original video with the new version. That’s all you have to do. The new version will be available in hihaho. The interactions, URL and statistics will remain the same.

Upload a video again: the length has changed

When the length of the video has changed, you can upload a new video to the original platform like YouTube or Vimeo and add it as a new video to hihaho. Then, you can import the interactions of the original video to the new version (click here to learn how to do this). Just check if the timing of the interactions is still like you want it to be.

Note: because you added a new video to hihaho, the URL will change and the statistics will go back to zero. Do you want the URL and statistics to remain the same? Try to ensure that the length of the video doesn’t change. For example, add a few seconds of black screen to your video and skip this in HiHaHo with a Jump To interaction.