With both the Text interaction and the Pause Screen, you can make a text box that looks like this.

But what is the difference between the two?

The main difference is that a Pause Screen pauses the video and the Text interaction doesn’t.

It’s important to think about the best way to add your information. When you use the Text Interaction, it’s crucial it either (1) has the same content as what is being said in the video at that moment or (2) is shown at a quiet moment in the video, when there is nothing else the viewer should pay attention to. For instance, when there is some music instead of spoken language. This is something to think about, because when the viewer has to read information and see or hear different information at the same time, some of all information will be missed.

Of course, it’s possible you’d like to add information and none of the two conditions above apply. In that case, it’s best to add a Pause Screen instead of a Text Interaction. When you add a Pause Screen, the video will pause and the viewer has time to read the information without being distracted by the content of the video.

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