Get creative! Combine Image- and Text interactions or an Image with a Pause screen. Or try to combine Hotspots with a Pause screen. This way people can watch, read or click at their own optimal pace. Get most out of HiHaHo and combine interactions!

Watch our tutorial or read the explanation below.

Manage interaction layers
When you combine interactions, it is important to manage your interaction layers. Below your video, you can find three little buttons. In this case, you need the right one.  Interactions with a higher value will be in front of interactions with a lower value. With a higher value, your buttons won’t disappear behind your image.

Timing when combining with a Pause Screen
When you combine other interactions with a Pause Screen, it is important to start the other interactions a little earlier and end a little later than the Pause Screen. When you put all the interactions at exactly the same time, there is a possibility that the other interactions have not loaded yet when the video pauses. Half a second before and after the Pause Screen should be enough to tackle this.


In this video, we’ve added extra information to the video with the Text- and Image interaction. On the bottom left you see a Pause Screen. This way, the viewer can look at everything in his/her own pace.







Eight interactions are combined here! Three Images (carrot, lettuce, and tomato), three Hotspots, a Scroll Text and a Pause Screen. The Pause Screen is made invisible and put to the background with the interaction layer management. This way, the viewer needs to click on one of the Hotspots to continue.


What you see here, are a Pause Screen and four Text interactions with an action type. When you click on one of the text boxes, that specific video will open in another tab. When you click on the Pause Screen, the video will continue playing.