One of the most important aspects of interactive video is creating buttons. With buttons, viewers can go to a different website, to another part of the video or download a file or add a clickable link to video. Would you like to get inspired? Watch the video below! Note: in this video, the Transparant button is called by it’s old name: ‘Link interaction’.


Adding downloadable content
Want your viewer to click on a button and download your pdf file or powerpoint presentation? Choose the action type ‘hyperlink’ and fill in the hyperlink of your downloadable content. Note that these documents need to be online in order for you to link it to your button.

Creating a button by using the Text interaction
The easiest way to create a button is by using the Text interaction. You can choose the size and color and then add an action type to your button, for example, an url or jump to a specific time. Here are some ideas for buttons: “Do you already know this? Click here to skip this part” and “Click here to add this item to your shopping cart” and “Go to our website”.

Creating a button by using the Image interaction
You might want to create a fancy button by using Photoshop, Paint or another design program. If so, you can add the button to your video by using the Image interaction. Then, add an action type to your button.

Creating a button by using the Transparant button
Another possibility is if the video itself already has buttons. Maybe you’ve already added a logo or button while you were editing the original video. If so, you can use the Transparant button to make these buttons clickable. The Transparant button is invisible, so that’s why this one would be perfect for you.