Below, you find explanations of all interactions. Do you want to know how you can add these interactions to your video? Click here for more information.

Add questions to your video to test your viewers knowledge or to survey their opinions. You can also include feedback and add a score value.

Pause screen
Use pause screens to pause the video at a specific time. Insert text to your pause screen to ask your viewer a reflective question or to provide a summary. You can also use the Pause Screen as a ‘Click to continue button’, so viewers have time to study the screen.

Jump to
Skip parts of the video that you find irrelevant. You can jump forward and backwards, giving you the option to create a loop in your video.

Organize the content in your video by adding a menu. Each menu item can be linked to a specific time in the video. You can choose between two kinds of menu: ‘Table of contents’ and ‘Pop-up menu’.

Would you like to know your viewer’s opinion about something? Give your audience the option to rate your idea, product or video.

Insert a text box to your video, of which you can change the font and color. You can also add a hyperlink or a jump to your text box.

Scroll text
Add a text to your video that will scroll by. This can be used as a news ticker, for example, or serve as a hyperlink or jump.

Add images to your video, such as logos, banners, buttons and infographics.

Add hotspots to draw more attention to a certain point in the video. The hotspot can also include a description or hyperlink. You can also create fun things using invisible hotspots. Click here to learn more about this.

Transprant button
Add an extra layer over a certain part of your video which is linked to a URL, or jump to a specific time in the video when the viewer clicks on the linked area.

Highlight certain parts of your video using this interaction. You can alter the color and the translucency of the non-highlighted area.

Add a sound to your video such as a kaboom or a splash. Censor indecent language or make your video an auditory sensation.

Zoom in on certain parts of the video. Don’t want to see the bigger picture or just want to stress something? Zoom in!

Linked video
Let the viewer go to another video. Instead of a new tab opening, the video will play in the same frame.