It can be very interesting you let another video automatically play at the end of the first video. Just like you see in (for example) YouTube.

In order to do this, you need to go to the video settings and then the tab ‘Advanced’.

Under ‘End of video’ you can choose what should happen when your video has ended. The default is on ‘Do nothing’, but there are different options. Two of them have to do with playing another video: ‘Suggest more videos’ and ‘Play next video’.

Suggest more videos
This option is something for you when you want to give your viewers some options for videos they could watch next. When you click on this option a little button will appear direct underneath it: ‘Go to end screen settings’. When you click on that button, you can choose the videos that should appear at the end of your video. The viewer can choose which one he/she would like to see.

Play next video
When you want the next video to play automatically after the first one ends, you can do so with this option. Again, click on the button ‘Go to end screen settings’ and choose the video you want to play at the end of the first video. When the viewer gets to the end of your video, the next video will now automatically start. This requires no action of the viewer, which results in higher chances that the viewer will watch the next video.