What kind of solutions does hihaho offer?
Hihaho is a simple DIY tool that allows you to create interactive videos. For example, you can add interactive questions, a menu or table of contents, buttons, or turn your video into an interactive scenario. Hihaho only adds a layer to the video, so the original video won’t be edited in any way. Find out more about this.

On what devices does hihaho work?
Hihaho videos work on every device. So if you’d like to film something with your phone, you can upload it straightaway! However, we do advise you to edit the video on a computer or tablet.

I would like to use hihaho. How does that work?
That’s great! Once you’ve signed up, you can start creating interactive videos right away. Creating interactive videos is free. You only pay when you want to publish a video.

Are there discounts for educational organizations?
Yes, educational organizations get a discount. Click here to find out more.

What methods of payment are supported by hihaho?
You can pay by credit card, iDeal, PayPal, or by invoice.

After purchasing my videos, how long does it take before I can start working on them?
Once you’ve purchased your videos, you can start right away!


For how long will I be able to use interactive video, once I’ve purchased my videos?
The license is per year, so after a year you can decide if you’d like to extend your license. Don’t worry, we won’t porlong your license automatically, we will ask you first.

There are no restrictions regarding the duration of your video or the amount of viewers.

When purchasing videos, are there any other occurring costs that I should keep in mind?
Keep in mind the price is per year. After a year, we will ask you if you’d like to prolong your license.

An error occurs when I’m trying to purchase videos. What should I do?
Please, contact us via email (info@hihaho.com) or phone (+31 (0)592-377285). We’ll help you!