It might sound fun to put all kinds of interactions in a video, but this doesn’t necessarily improve your video. It’s important to think about which, when and how many interactions you’re going to use in your video, so you can use hihaho to its full potential. Here are some things to take into account.

The best pace
So your video has a nice pace and the viewer is totally into the story. There is nothing as annoying as a video that stops every few seconds. Therefore, it’s important to think carefully about how many questions and Pause Screens you’d like to add to your video, since these interactions pause the video.
This is also why, when you want to create some kind of exam or survey, it’s best to put all these questions right after each other. Don’t let the video play two seconds, stop, play two seconds, stop, anyway, you get the point.

Note: When you give all questions the exact same time, they will appear right after another. The question you create first, will also be the first to be shown.

Text Interaction or Pause Screen?
When you use the Text Interaction to add information, it’s crucial it either (1) has the same content as what is being said in the video at that moment or (2) is shown at a quiet moment in the video, when there is nothing else the viewer should pay attention to. For instance, there might be some music instead of spoken language. This is something to think about, because when the viewer has to read information and sees or hears different information at the same time, some or all information will be missed.

Of course, it’s possible you’d like to add information and none of the two conditions above apply. In that case, it’s best to add a Pause Screen instead of a Text Interaction. When you add a Pause Screen, the video will pause and the viewer has time to read the information without being distracted by the content of the video.