So you’re ready to add interactions to your video! Would you like to know the basics? Watch the video or read the explanation below.


Here is a brief overview of the main aspects of your screen in the edit mode.

Top of the page
Click on the pencil in the top left corner to adjust the title.

On the top right, you’ll find the preview mode, the settings and statistics.

The preview mode is the screen the viewers will see when they watch your video. This is why it’s wise to always test your video in the preview mode. Tip: if you don’t want to test the whole video, but only certain parts, it’s best to enable the possibility to navigate through the video. You can do this when you go to ‘settings’ and then to ‘advanced’. Afterwards, testing goes a lot quicker! You can always disable this feature when you don’t want your viewers to skip parts.

On the right, you can see the different interactions. Ready to add interactions? Click here to read more about this.

Bottom of the page
Below the video and the interactions, you can see the overview of the interactions you have added.

Above the interaction list, you’ll find three little buttons. The filter makes it easier for you to find interactions. Naming your interactions also saves you some time. This way, you don’t have to open four interactions called ‘Text’ before you find the one you want to edit!

The grid makes it easier to place your interactions. Click here for some tips and tricks.

You’ll probably need to manage your interaction layers when you combine multiple interactions. For example, you don’t want your text to disappear behind an image. Click here to learn how to do this correctly.

On the bottom right, you will see the timeline of the interactions you’ve added. Here, you can adjust the timing of the interactions. When you want some tips about timing your interactions, click here.

When you have any questions, just ask! We are happy to help you. At the bottom right of your screen, you’ll find the button you can use to contact us.