With the Image interaction, you can add an image to your video. You can use this interaction to add a logo or chart, for example.


Full screen

When you’re making a background, you probably want your image to be full screen. You can do so in the style tab: ‘Make the image automatically fit across the entire video’. Make sure your image has the same shape as the screen, so it won’t be stretched out. If it has a different shape, it’s best to edit your image before you upload it. We recommend a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Make it clickable

It is possible to transform your image into a clickable object by choosing an action type. Open the interaction editor of your image and select an action type, like a hyperlink to your website or a jump to another scene.

In the example below, we added a link to our Facebook page. By clicking the Facebook  icon, a pop-up opens with our Facebook page.

Combining interactions

When you want to show an image that requires some studying, it’s handy to combine this interaction with a pause screen, which you can turn into a “Click here to continue” button. Click here to learn more about how to combine interactions.

Note: it is not yet possible to rotate your image in HiHaHo. We advice you to do this in a photo editing program.