This option is available for Professional- and Supreme-users.

Do you want someone else to edit your videos? Step by step, we will explain how you can invite someone to your folder. When the new user accepts the invitation, he/she can edit all the videos of that specific folder.

Step 1. Click in the right upper corner on your name

Step 2.  Go to ‘Folder settings’

Step 3. Click on the little pen under ‘Options’

Step 4. Go to the tab ‘User management’

Step 5. Click on the green button ‘Invite user’

Step 6. Fill in the name and email address of the new user

Step 7. Choose which role you want the new user to have (a user can edit videos, an administrator can also change the folder)

Step 8. Send the invitation

When the other user doesn’t have a hihaho account yet, he/she get’s an email and can make an account which is then connected to your folder.