With the Jump To interaction you can jump to the relevant parts of the video. This way, you can choose to only show the three essential minutes of that 30-minute long video presentation! We’ve got some tips and tricks about this interaction, so watch our tutorial or jump to our written explanation down below to get to know them!


Being able to skip irrelevant parts of the video can be especially helpful when you’re using someone else’s video and would like to use the video for your own purposes and target audience. You can also make a few copies of the video and apply different jumps for each video. Maybe some audiences need longer explanations than others.

Furthermore, if you’ve noticed a mistake in a video you’ve created yourself, you can easily skip it.

Action types

Just like with other interactions, you can choose an action type for the Jump To interaction.

There is one difference between action types of the Jump To interaction and the action types of other interaction. When you choose an action type for the Jump To interaction, the action happens automatically, while with the other interactions, the action only happens when the viewer clicks on it. Click here for more information about the different action types.

How (not) to create a loop

Make sure to not turn the video into a loop if it’s not intentional. When after two minutes the video jumps 30 seconds back, the viewer will eventually reach the time of the jump again. And again. And again. To prevent this from happening, create a way out, like a textbox or hotspot that says: “Go to the next chapter”.

A loop can also be intentional. Maybe you’d like to show a map of a building and want the viewer to click on a room to go to that particular scene. In this case, the viewer stays in the loop until he’s made a choice.