Have you found the button ‘Manage interaction layers’? You can find it below the video, next to the ‘filter’ and the ‘grid’. 

With this function, you can move interactions to the front or backward. This is useful if you combine different interactions.

Imagine, you made a full-screen Text interaction and want to add a “Click to continue” button. This interaction needs to be in front of the Text interaction because otherwise, the viewer can’t click on the button.


How to manage the interaction layers
Click the ‘Manage interaction layers’ icon and place interactions into the foreground or the background. Simply drag and drop to arrange the order or fill in a value. In your video, interactions with a higher value will appear on top of interactions with a lower value.

In the example above, you want the “Click to continue” button to be on top of the full-screen Text interaction. Give the button a higher value than the text interaction and press save if you’re ready!