It’s probably no surprise that you can use the Menu interaction to divide your video into chapters. We’ve got two different menu’s: the Pop-up menu and the Table of contents.

The difference? The table of contents will be shown during the whole video and contains chapters. The Pop-up menu will, like the name indicates, pop-up and can contain both chapters and urls.

Pop-up Menu
If you’d like to know more about the Pop-up menu, you can watch the tutorial below. Note that in this video, we call the Pop-up menu ‘Menu’. This is because the Table of contents didn’t exist yet when we created this video. A new tutorial is on its way!


How to use the Pop-up menu

As we said, you can use the pop-up menu to divide your video into chapters. However, you can also add hyperlinks to your menu, for example, to your own website, to an online PDF or to another video. You can do this by choosing an action type for each menu item.

Do you want it to be required for the viewer to choose a menu item? If not, you can select the box ‘Possibility to close menu’. Then, an X will appear in the right top corner.

Here is something else to think about: would you like the viewer to be able to open the menu at any time he wants? If so, you can select the box ‘Show menu button’. You can also select the place of the button. For example, if there’s a lot going on in your video on the right of the screen, it’s better to place the button on the left.

Table of contents

As we said above, the table is contents is used to divide your video into chapters.  The Start time and End time are meant for the start and end time of the chapter. Don’t forget to also submit the length of the table of contents as a whole. You can do this in the time line below the video.

We can imagine the feature ‘Disable chapter’ might raise some questions. This is because this feature is useful for a select group of people. When you disable a chapter, this chapter won’t be clickable anymore. Some authors create four different videos and would like to apply the same Table of contents four times to give a sense of unity, even though not all chapters will be treated in the video. For these authors, it’s wise to disable the chapters that won’t be shown.

Good luck creating your menu! If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to tell us!