A great way to make your video interactive is by adding questions to the video. Watch our tutorial to learn all about this. Don’t get scared off by the length of the video; you can click in the menu to go to the part you’d like to see. Of course, you can also read the information below.

Question types
We offer four types of questions:

Note: when using the Entry question, make sure to take all the possible ways of spelling and punctuation into account for the correct answer. For example, if you ask a question to which the answer would be a number, correct answers might be: 8, 8., eight, Eight, Eight. Of course, you can also give a hint, like “Please, write your answer in numbers”. To do this, go to ‘Advanced’ and write your instruction in the place holder.

Action types
You can select an action type for each answer. For instance: when answered incorrectly, you can jump back to show a certain part of the video again. Or maybe you’d like to repeat the question.

Note: a question will not be repeated if the viewer rewinds the video or when the video jumps back on the timeline. This is because of the video statistics; if a viewer can answer the question multiple times, the statistics will not be representative. However, the questions will be repeated when a viewer reloads the webpage. This will be seen as a new session in the statistics.

The best way of giving feedback
When you add questions to your video, you can provide feedback when the viewer answers the question.

You can either choose to provide each answer with separate feedback or choose to show a generic feedback screen. You can also combine them.

Feedback screen

Of course, it’s possible the video itself will show the answer and you don’t need to give any written feedback. If so, you can disable the feedback screen. The video will continue after the viewer has submitted an answer. When you ask for an opinion in an open question, you probably also won’t need a feedback screen.


Is there no right or wrong answer? Usually, the feedback screen will be green when given a correct answer and red when given an incorrect answer. If there is no right or wrong answer, we advise you to disable the color indication for the feedback screen.

Well done!

Finally, the feedback screen will also automatically show a title, things like “Well done!”, or “Try again.”. Again, it’s best to disable this when there’s no right or wrong answer. Furthermore, if you’d like to come up with your own titles, you can also disable this feature and write them yourself.



Create at least one second between every question
Because your video is being streamed from another platform, it’s best to create some time between questions. Usually, one second apart is enough to make sure all the questions will work. Of course, we can imagine you’d like some questions to appear right after another. No worries, this is possible when you give all the questions the exact same time. The question you create first will also be the first one to be shown.

Tips and tricks
We have some other tips for you about the Question interaction.

Firstly, it is possible to add sounds to the question. You can use this option to add a voice-over to your question, for example.

The ‘skip question’ button is only active in the editor. So don’t worry, the viewer won’t have the possibility to skip your questions.

Tip: When you ask a question first and let the video explain the answer afterwards, the viewer will be more alert because he wants to know if he answered correctly.

Are you still there? Well done! This was quite a long story, but we’re not there yet. Click here if you would like to learn more about the advanced settings for questions.