Besides the regular Text interaction, you can also add a Scroll Text to your video. A Scroll Text is like the regular Text interaction, except for the fact that the text moves.

This interaction can be very useful for adding information like “Our new collection is now available”, or for giving instructions like “Hover your cursor over the Hotspots for more information.”.

Adjust the direction and speed of the text. Changing the layout works in the same way as changing the layout in the Text interaction.

When to use which?

For important information, we prefer to use the Text interaction instead of the Scroll Text, because the moving text might distract the viewer. Apart from this, it takes more time to read a Scroll Text, so we advise to use the it in parts of the video where not too much information is given. A Scroll Text interaction can be used for the credits in the end of the video, for example.

Test while playing

Test the Scroll Text while the video is playing. This way, you can see if all text is shown before the interaction disappears. If this is not the case, you have to adjust the speed of scrolling or lengthen the duration of the interaction.