It’s possible your video is already online and being watched by your audience, but you’d still like to change the original video. Without your audience noticing!

In this case, I don’t mean editing the interactions. You can do this anytime.

No, I mean when you’d like to change your footage, edit your scenes and then upload your video again.

In this case, you can simply upload the new video, import the interactions and then… swap the old version for the new version!

This feature is available for our Advanced users. Are you not an Advanced user, but would you still like to use this feature? Just send an email to

To swap your video, click on your user name at the top right of your screen. Then, click on ‘Folder settings’. On the right, you’ll see the tab ‘Swap embed’. Hit this button. Now, find the url of your video. Don’t copy and paste the whole URL, just the part that comes after the slash. Then, paste this and click outside the input field. Hihaho should now show you a preview of the video you’re going to swap.

Do the same with the input field on the right, but this time, choose the new video. Click on ’embed swap’. And now, the videos have been swapped! Your audience will automatically have access to the new version. And if you’ve shared any urls, you don’t have to change them.