Below the video, you will find three little buttons. With the middle button, you can place a grid over your video. The grid will help you when you’re designing your interactions.

Perfect circles

At first, you can make sure that a Pause Screen or text box is an exact circle, by turning the grid on. Just make sure you have the same amount of grid boxes horizontally as vertically.

The only thing you have to do now is round the corners and you’ll have a perfectly round circle.

Align text boxes

With the grid, it is also possible to make sure your text boxes are the exact same size. Or that they are spread equally over the video. Again, just look at the number of grid boxes in- or between the text boxes. It is that easy!

You can also use the grid to prevent your interactions from disappearing underneath the player bar. Click here for more information.

Next to the ‘grid’, you can find two other buttons: the ‘filter’ and the ‘interaction layers’.