When you add an interaction, it is important to time it precisely right. Here we will explain how you can easily do this.

Current time indicator

In the timeline, you will see a red line. This line shows exactly what part of the video is playing. You can also see this in the field ‘Current time’.

Copy and paste

For example, if you want your interactive question on a specific time in the video, you can just pause the video when it reaches that specific moment. On the right, you will see the ‘Current time’, for example ’00:02:22:66’. If this is the exact time you want your interaction to appear, you can copy and paste this time to the interaction.


We can imagine that all these digits might seem a bit overwhelming. What exactly do they mean? They represent the number of hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. This way, you can time each interaction to the second. However, you don’t have to fill in the entire thing, because it works with seconds. For example, if you would fill in 45, it will automatically turn into 00:00:45:00. If you enter 123, this will turn into 00:01:23:00, and so on.

One second between blue interactions

There is one thing to keep in mind when you add different interactions. The videos used in hihaho are streamed from online platforms such as YouTube. Because of this, it can cause some difficulties when the blue interactions are placed right after each other. Therefore, we recommend keeping one second on the timeline between the blue interactions. Sometimes the interactions also work with less time in between. Just try this out.

Combine Pause Screen with another interaction

When you combine a Pause Screen with another interaction, it is important to time the Pause Screen a little after the other interaction. Click here for more information about combining interactions.