Click on the icon with the gears to go to the video settings. The second tab of the video settings is ‘Advanced’. Below, we will explain these settings by number (see image). Maybe you would firstly like to look at the general settings or learn more about the tabs ‘reporting’ and ‘collect viewer data‘.


1. Time selection
Here you can select the part of the video you wish to use. This can be the whole video or just a small section.

2. Allow viewers to navigate
By enabling this function, you can allow viewers to jump back and forth within the hihaho video. Click here for more information about this.

3. Show time indication in the player bar
Unselect this checkbox if you want to disable time indication in the player bar of your video. This is recommended if you build branched scenarios or use the jump-interaction in your video.

4. Show random feedback title
Usually, we will add random feedback titles for you. For example: “Well done!” “Perfect!” and “Wow!”. If you’d like to write your own titles, you can deselect this option. It is possible to change this for each question separately, but here you can set this for all questions in the video.

5. Enable color indication for the feedback screen for this video
By enabling this function, the feedback screen will be red for feedback on incorrect answers and green for feedback on correct answers. By disabling this, all feedback screens will be gray. Again, it is also possible to adjust is for each question separately, or all in once by using this function.

6. Show question and pause sceren markers on the player bar.
If you enable this function, indicators of the interactions will be placed on the progress bar. This will allow the viewer to have an idea when they will be represented with questions in the video or when the video pauses.

7. Livestream support (bèta)
Select this option if you use hihaho for livestreams. More instructions can be found here. 

8. Enable 360-degree video settings (bèta)

9. Video progress
If you add markers to track the video progress, Hihaho will track until what moment the viewer watched the video. For example, if the viewer only watches the first minute of the video, you will be able to see this in the statistics.
Here you can indicate what should happen when your video has finished. For example, show the total score of the questions. Or play another video when your video is part of a series. If you want to know more about this last option, click here

10. End of video

Choose if the video ends with suggestions for other videos, a final score or choose which video has to play next.

11. Select the style of the player bar
This function allows you to choose if the player bar is over the video or under the video. By default the setting of the folder is inherited.

12. Select autoplay behaviour
The newer browsers don’t allow a video to be automatically played with sound, because it can possibly annoy the user. You can choose between no autoplay or a muted autoplay. If you choose the last option, the video will automatically start, but without sound.

13. Choose to start the video with or without sound 

Would you rather want the video to start without sound when someone clicks play? Choose here for “Play without sound”. The viewer can then turn on the audio themselves when they are ready.