Click on the icon with the gears to go to the video settings. Besides the general, advanced and collect viewerdata settings, we have some information for you about the reporting settings tab.

xAPI and SCORM (External report integrations)

We offer two options for external reporting: xAPI and SCORM. Using xAPI, HiHaHo will report when the video starts and ends. Besides that, HiHaHo provides information about how questions are answered and how many times someone clicked on the other interactions. What’s nice about xAPI is that you can also track the results of learning videos outside your Learning Management System. xAPI can be seen as the successor of SCORM. You can export your interactive video as a SCORM-package (1.2 or 2004) and follow your users’ progress in your LMS.

Click to learn more about xAPI or SCORM.

Succeed settings

When you have questions in your video, you can determine the percentage of good answers a viewer needs to pass for this video. For example, if you want the viewer to have at least 3 out of 4 questions right, you can add 75% to succeed.

A key feature of interactive videos is that it is very possible that viewers don’t see the whole video. For example, menus, questions, and buttons make viewers skip certain parts of the video. Therefore, it is likely that viewers miss some of the questions. Whether or not someone has passed the video is therefore not based on the percentage of questions they have right out of the total number of questions, but out of the number of questions they saw.

Let’s say a video has 10 questions and the percentage to succeed is 75%. Also, the viewers all get to the end of the video, so they are included in the play rate and success rate. Take a look at the following examples: